The Adult Chinese Classes      

By: Jie Wang  Translated by: Alice Dai

Today, I am honored to introduce the adult Chinese classes on the school newsletter, “The Chinese Learning Centre for Adults”. I will be discussing the educational purposes and plans for the classes this year in the article. I hope this will covey the information around our community so that more people will know that adult classes are available at MACS. In addition, we hope our adult Chinese classes will improve with everyone’s support and participation in order to meet our goals. “Solve your confusions, answer your doubts, teach your questions, accomplish your wishes.”. I hope everyone in the class will enjoy their journey during their studies and learn Chinese in a welcoming environment.

We separated the students into three different classes based on their knowledge of Chinese. “Class one” is built for students that understand minimal Chinese or stopped learning Chinese and wish to continue. In “Class one”, we usually focus on speaking, simple grammar, using phonetics to teach common phrases between conversations. In addition, we give students the opportunity to listen and write for simple conversations. Some examples for the conversations are: family appellations; introductions; communicating with taxi drivers; shopping and ordering tickets, etc. We adjust the contents being taught based on each student’s language requirements. We have approximately 15 students enrolled in “Class one”. Mrs. Zeng Yufang who used to teach “Class three” and a young teacher assistant will be teaching this year.

“Class two” is for students that have a basic knowledge in Chinese and are able to speak and understand simple sentences. “Class two” helps students to increase their vocabulary, learn more complex sentences and improve their grammar. The learning contents will be composed of different articles of the students’ interests such as: sports, shopping, daily life subjects and so on. We will be using pictures and videos to improve their ability to  speak and understand. With the teacher’s instruction, students will be able to write short stories and communicate with each other more effectively. This year, “Class two” will be taught by Mrs. Wang Jie who has been teaching adult classes at MACS for 11 years. She always pays attention to every students wishes and goals in order to have every student learn what they are interested in.

“Class three” is the highest adult class at MACS. Students will understand the majority of the contents taught by the teacher, and will be able to have fluent conversations and write short stories. We will focus on reading and comprehending simple novels, learning about traditions during special occasions and also the historical background of China. We will be using some new learning contents this year such as: business, trades, professions, etc. Of course, we will change minor parts of the contents based on the students opinions. Mrs. Xing Yicheng will be teaching “Class three” with her teacher assistant, Mrs. Yang Tianjiao. Mrs. Xing has great opinions and a very deep understanding in historical Chinese literature.. This is a very good opportunity for students who are very interested in learning about the cultural history and literature of China.

Although the levels of the classes are different, the teachers always communicate with each other in order to find different ways to connect, improve, develop and innovate their teaching methods together. We will be having a reading competition composed of the students in all three classes. This will show how the students have developed throughout the course and also give them the opportunity to learn from the performances by other classes.

Ourpresident and school principal have been very supportive of our adult Chinese classes since it was established decades ago. Adult Chinese classes are a huge part of the school, and we look forward to working with the executives and school committee in order to make the classes better each year. Let us improve together, accomplish our goals and work for a bright future.