A0Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is the largest Chinese education institution in Manitoba and the registered non-profit organization.

Established in 1974, MACS is the first institution teaching Mandarin. Currently, MACS has kindergarten to grade 10 classes and adult classes. There are about 200 students and 30 staff. Most students are form local Chinese family and those who interested in Chinese culture.

MACS experienced from small-scale family class to large-scale formal education:

  • 1974 – Initiated by seven families;30 students
  • 1980 – St. George School; 60 Students
  • 1990 – General Byng School; 100 Students
  • 2000 – Opened AP course accepted by U of Manitoba
  • 2003 – Now – Grant Park High School;200 students

In addition to the Mandarin classes, MACS has other teams such as choir, Taiji, line dancing. These teams helped MACS in demonstrating the colorful Chinese culture.