We have positions for teachers, teaching assistant, and volunteers. If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill out the application form at the end of this page and email it to us. We w ill notify the qualified individuals once there is a vacant position.

The following are descriptions and requirements of each position:

1. Teacher – One main teacher and one substitute teacher for each class
2. Teaching Assistant (TA)- 1-2 TAs for senior class; 2-3 for junior class; assisting teachers in daily teaching activities.
3. Volunteers – general duties

General requirements:
• Over 18 years old; legal status in Canada
• Fluent in both Mandarin and English; able to write simplified characters
• Careful and patient
• Great communication and teamwork skills
Teacher’s Requirement:
• Significant teaching experiences
• Willing to work at MACS for a minimum of a year
TA’s requirement:
• Some teaching experience
• Willing to work at MACS for a minimum of half year

Download application form, fill it out and email to manitobachinesestudies@gmail.com.